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  Tea cold storage preservation method:

  This kind of fresh storage and storage of tea leaves is not added with any preservatives. It is purely physical preservation. As long as the warehouse construction is reasonable, the storage temperature will remain unchanged at -4 °C to 2 °C. However, before the tea leaves the warehouse, it must be vacuumed and refrigerated. Otherwise, when the tea leaves are exposed to the air, water and oxygen will form water vapor beads due to the external cold and heat, and will condense on the tea leaves to accelerate the deterioration of the tea.


  Tea cold storage method and precautions:

  1. Dry the tea leaves, only dry tea leaves can be preserved for a longer period of time;

  2. The tea should be sealed and preserved after drying, and the environment should be cleaned during the drying process and sealing process;

  3. When using the jar to preserve the tea leaves, it is better to use the inner and outer double-layer lids to make the mouth and the abdomen large, and reduce the circulation of air and the entry of moisture;

  4. Dry and preserve the tea leaves;

  5, avoiding light and glare can accelerate the oxidation of tea, so that some substances in the tea act as a photochemical reaction, resulting in a sun-flavor. Therefore, storage of tea should avoid light;

  6. The polymer compound in the anti-odor tea leaves is lively. When the tea leaves are in contact with soap, camphor, cigarettes, etc., it will quickly absorb their odor and make the tea smell. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent contact with substances with odors, and the tea storage container must also be kept clean and tasteless;

  7. Sewing with a double layer of white cloth with quicklime, the tea leaves are bundled with thin kraft paper and stored at a ratio of 13:2. The lime is placed in the center and the wrapped tea leaves are placed around. Generally, the quicklime is changed once every 2 to 3 months.

  Ice-Chuang Refrigeration is mainly engaged in the production and customization of various combined cold storages, and provides refrigeration equipment such as cold storage, quick-freezing cold storage, cold storage, fresh-keeping cold storage, explosion-proof cold storage and ultra-low temperature (0 °C to -120 °C) cold storage. Products are widely used in food, health care, bioengineering, aquatic products, supermarkets, electronics, hotel services and other industries.


  Tea cold storage maintenance method

  1. For the maintenance of tea refrigerators, it is necessary to regularly check the cables and wires of the cold storage, and find that the temperature in the cold storage is unstable, and immediately look for maintenance personnel to check. Sometimes the air in the cold storage is abnormally dry, and it will be difficult to extinguish after the cold storage fires, so always pay attention to the temperature inside the cold storage.

  2. When the tea cold storage is maintained, it is found that there is water in the cold storage, and it should be cleaned immediately, otherwise it will cause freezing and cause damage to the cold storage board.

  3, the tea fresh-keeping cold storage should be equipped with a fire detector, the detector should not be installed inside the cold storage, otherwise too low temperature will cause the detector frost or malfunction.

  4, cold storage maintenance should have a special post, investigate the operation of the equipment in the cold storage, and find that the equipment is aging, damaged immediately after repair or replacement.