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Cold storage


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  The flower market generally uses fresh cold storage to store flowers. After the flowers are picked, the respiratory function is weakened, the water is easily lost, and it will soon wither. It requires a dedicated cold storage for flowers. Ordinary flower cold storage storage temperature is about 5 °C, tropical flowers need 10 ~ 12 ° C, cold zone flowers need -5 ° C refrigeration, of course, storage should also consider the cold storage humidity.

  Flowers cold storage generally use fan exhaust pipe is more suitable, will not bring cold damage to flowers, and the cooling fan cools quickly, the cooling capacity is large, but the temperature fluctuation is large, the blowing temperature is lower than the set temperature, it is easier to bring cold damage to flowers. The refrigeration unit of the cold storage is equipped with high-pressure, oil pressure, exhaust temperature protection and host motor overload protection to prevent accidents.

  Cold storage

  In addition to the ordinary cold storage and storage of flowers, you can also choose the atmosphere control library, by artificially controlling the gas in the cold storage, combined with low temperature conditions, can be stored for a longer time.

  Bingchuang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in industrial refrigeration, sales and sales of air-conditioning compressors, cold storage compressors and other refrigeration compressors used in various industrial refrigeration conditions. Bingchuang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. also provides services such as design and construction of refrigeration engineering, maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment.

  How to store flowers:

  First, decompression storage and preservation

  Under vacuum storage, the flowers and green plants are placed in a closed storage room, and most of the air is pumped out by a vacuum pump to reduce the internal pressure to about 10 kPa, resulting in a low-oxygen environment, and the partial pressure of ethylene and other gases is correspondingly reduced. Maintain a constant low pressure during the period, the temperature is 1-18 ° C, and the relative humidity is above 95%. This method can reduce the respiration intensity of the fruit, thus delaying the ripening and senescence of the fruit and prolonging the shelf life, but the investment in constructing a large-scale decompression storage is large, and the country is in the experimental stage.

  The high-pressure preservation technology utilizes the difference between the applied external high pressure and the internal vapor pressure to inhibit the enzyme activity in the living body, kill various pathogenic microorganisms, prevent the outward diffusion of water and nutrients, slow down the breathing rate and ripening speed, and effectively prolong the storage period. . It is currently a more advanced storage technology, but it has not been applied to the production field due to the limitation of high-voltage equipment.

  Second, the atmosphere storage and preservation

  At present, China's air conditioning storage and preservation is in the development stage. There are two main types of flowers and plants in the international market: passive modified atmosphere packaging and active modified atmosphere packaging. However, due to its complicated technology and high requirements on the variety and performance of packaging materials, it has not been widely implemented in China. The plastic film is inflated and stored in the fresh air. It is placed in a sealed environment caused by plastic film swelling. There are two main methods for achieving air-conditioning and air-conditioning, namely natural oxygen method and artificial oxygen method. It is mainly used in the United States and France; it has been applied in several major cities such as Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing, and cold storage in China.

  Third, electronic preservation, magnetic field preservation and ionizing radiation preservation

  Electronic preservation, the flowers and green plants are placed in an artificial high-voltage electric field for a certain period of time, which can extend the fresh-keeping period at room temperature many times. Corona discharge or glow discharge in a high-voltage DC electric field produces ozone and air anions, which inactivates the active enzyme, thereby reducing the respiration intensity of the flower green plants;

  Fourth, temperature control storage and preservation

  Can be divided into simple storage and preservation, cold storage and so on. Simple storage and preservation is the use of local natural conditions to create suitable temperature and humidity for flowers and plants, to achieve the purpose of fresh flowers and plants, the disadvantage is that humidity is not easy to control; in addition, attention should be paid to ventilation. Refrigeration and preservation is the installation of freezing machinery in the warehouse with good heat insulation performance. According to the requirements of different kinds of flowers and green plants, the temperature, humidity and ventilation in the warehouse are controlled to achieve the purpose of fresh flowers and plants. It is the current flower green. One of the most important storage methods for planting.