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  The purpose of after-sales service of Shanghai Bingchuang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is “Customer-oriented, quick response”. In the sense of responsibility to the user, for the user to think, for the user's urgency, quality first, service first, and earnestly do a good job in sales service.

  The solemn commitment to the services provided to you is as follows:

  Service Content:

  The warranty period of the cold storage refrigeration equipment is 12 months after the equipment is qualified. That is to say, due to product quality problems during the warranty period, we will provide free services.

  Cold storage project warranty period: within 12 months after acceptance.

  Free technical guidance installation and equipment commissioning services.

  Lifetime discounts provide consumable parts and assist the user in overhauling the unit.

  Training two technical operators for the user, free of training fees, food, accommodation, transportation costs.

  Provide the user with maintenance work for the unit.

  Value-added services:

  When technicians go to the site for commissioning, they will conduct on-site explanations and on-site operation training for the user's operators, so that the user's operators have the ability to operate independently.

  The company's after-sales service personnel will return to the regular or irregular visits, and supplemented by "greeting services" to ensure the smooth flow of the service system.

  Provide professional technology and equipment support consultation for users at any time without charge.

  Service guarantee system:

  The company has set up an after-sales service center, opened a 24-hour repair call, received a repair call, the city maintenance staff will rush to the scene within 2 to 3 hours, the provinces and cities rushed to the scene within 48 hours. The general fault is solved within 24 hours, and the major fault is solved within 3 days.

  The service center dedicated line is responsible for answering all kinds of problems during the use of the equipment.

  Contact number: 58888809 58888299

  E-mail: shbingchuang@163.com

  In terms of control, our company gives full play to the advantages of the control of the ice-making refrigeration automation system and integrates all the equipments to make it a reliable and complete function. An unattended system with excellent performance and automated equipment.

  In terms of production, we strictly control the quality and stand on the customer's point of view to solve all worries for customers!

  Companies in the credibility of survival, service quality and development of business rules, in a highly competitive society with professional technology, preferential prices and dedication to provide each customer with more professional services!

  With first-class welfare, superb technology and transparent low price, we will always win the trust of customers forever! "The world of ice, from the professional - Shanghai Bingchuang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd."

  Shanghai Binghuang Refrigeration Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. will cooperate with you hand in hand, create hand-in-hand, create excellent results that are different from the times, and win longer, longer lasting and broader development space!!!