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  Food cold storage

  The main storage of food cold storage: meat food, tea, edible fungi, dairy products, agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, cold drink ice cream, etc.

  Insulation board for food cold storage: there are panels such as color steel, FRP, stainless steel, embossed aluminum, polyurethane as insulation material, using advanced technology to make composite insulation board, which is light in weight, good in heat preservation effect, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, anti-mite It is mildewproof and easy to disassemble. The food cold storage heat preservation storage body adopts the buckle connection of the internal embedded parts of the slab wall, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly and transportation, and has short assembly and activation time, which is more suitable for the flow unit and the personal facade, and is widely used.


  The food cold storage is divided into three grades of L, D and J. The storage temperature is 5--5C, -10~-18°C and -20--23C respectively.

  It can meet different needs and is an ideal cold storage for storing meat, aquatic products, eggs, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. It is widely used in all walks of life. Energy-saving insulation The cold storage insulation performance is superior, so the cooling speed is fast and the holding time is long, which can save about 3040% compared with the cold storage produced by other materials. Series matching. The storage board of the food cold storage is produced according to the requirements of the customers. Through different combinations of sizes, a variety of cold storages can be formed for customers to choose, which provides convenience for users to make full use of the existing space and building space. At present, the products are available in indoor and outdoor types; single room, two rooms, suites and multiple rooms can be designed, and two types of cooling fans or tube evaporators can be selected. The water-deficient areas can be equipped with air-cooled refrigeration units.

  Reference data for cold volume experience estimation in food cold storage design: food cold storage unit volume heat distribution reference table (unit: W / m3) storage capacity high temperature library (about 0 ° C) medium temperature library (about -18 ° C) low temperature library (-25 °C) Small library (0~10t) medium and small library (90~800t).


  Food cold storage design is a systematic project, mainly involving two major blocks: one is the design of food cold storage (focus on cold load calculation); the second is the selection of equipment. This time the focus is on the former. In general, the food cold storage can be divided into six categories according to the target temperature and the storage temperature. The conventional calculation involves three types, that is, the target temperature is 0 ° C, -18 ° C and -25 ° C.

  At present, most of the small and medium-sized food cold storage design is generally 100mm polyurethane storage board. The ambient temperature is generally 32 °C, the storage weight is 5m3, and the purchase volume is 30%. However, in the actual operation, the customer generally tells "I want to build a large number of food cold storage", "how much temperature is reached", and then our engineers go to the construction site to make dimensional measurements to determine the final size.