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2019 China Refrigeration Exhibition ended! Nearly 1,300 exhibitors have a big show on the spot

2019 China Refrigeration Exhibition ended! Nearly 1,300 exhibitors have a big show on the spot

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  [China Refrigeration Network] Beijing time on April 9th, 2019 China Refrigeration Exhibition officially kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center! As one of the largest professional exhibitions in the global HVAC refrigeration industry, it has attracted thousands of people from all over the world. HVAC companies from all over the world have participated in the exhibition, becoming the most important show for all enterprises, and also the competitive arena for HVAC companies.

  [China Refrigeration Network] Beijing time on April 9th, 2019 China Refrigeration Exhibition officially kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center! As one of the largest professional exhibitions in the global HVAC refrigeration industry, it has attracted thousands of people from all over the world. HVAC companies from all over the world have participated in the exhibition, becoming the most important show for all enterprises, and also the competitive arena for HVAC companies.

  2019 China Refrigeration Exhibition ended! Nearly 1,300 exhibitors made a big show

  This year's refrigeration exhibition has many unique highlights. Several large HVAC refrigeration giants at home and abroad have shown their core strengths without exception. At the same time, they also held the China Refrigeration Exhibition Theme Forum to explain the national economic development situation in depth. Hotspots in the HVAC industry, seeking the development path in the relevant fields of the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. At the same time, various HVAC companies hold various technical conferences to provide one-stop learning and study opportunities for industry insiders at home and abroad, while providing technology innovation and communication and creation platforms for peers around the world.

  At the exhibition site, the two lines of food freezing and HVAC were on a par with E and W. The major HVAC companies made their debut at the scene, showing their core technologies and products, and equipped with the latest R&D technology while continuously upgrading their appearance. In addition, the booth design of the various companies on the site is also varied, providing a wonderful visual feast for the audience.

  At the China Refrigeration Exhibition site, China Refrigeration magazine has continuously visited representatives of various market segments in the industry to gain an in-depth understanding of the industry's front-end market and the latest technology in the industry, and is committed to providing more comprehensive services to HVAC companies. At the scene, China Refrigeration Network reporter learned from the board replacement, dehumidification, refrigeration unit and food refrigeration industry representatives that in 2019, the market continued to decline in 2018. In the past quarter of this year, most of the companies achieved sales success this year. Compared with the same period last year, there has been a good growth. It is worth mentioning that after the overall market economic downturn in 2018, a group of enterprises deeply realized that they are in an era of rapid development of technology. For an enterprise, technology is constantly iteratively innovating, which is the fundamental for continuously maintaining brand vitality. Many enterprises are more aware of the importance of product quality and their internal core technologies, and they have saved their internal strengths and upgraded their core competitiveness through continuous upgrading of products.

  On the other hand, more HVAC companies further embraced the Internet and upgraded “innovation”. Haier and Danfoss took the lead in opening a new chapter in magnetic levitation heating, and launched the first E+ Internet heat pump magnetic levitation technology to show the air-cooled heat pump magnetic levitation for the first time. Midea exhibited a large number of two-stage centrifugal compressors. Gree exhibited a full DC variable frequency medium and high temperature air-cooled condensing unit to improve the supermarket convenience store solution.

  In addition to such a well-known public brand, another company can be said to be a great show at this exhibition. Jingchuang shares booth, China Refrigeration Network reporter saw Jingchuang cold storage Internet of things, carrying the dryer intelligent control box, screw machine PLC control box and other PLC electric control box came to the exhibition, unique cold storage safety protection device patent Technology has gained widespread attention. The company combines the full-screen display of the large-screen electronic control board of the booth, and its classic products rejuvenate; the innovative cold cloud through AI empowers, solves the current industry pain points, and further promotes the intelligent measurement and control and networking of the cold chain. At the booth, many exhibitors came forward to consult. The booths of the booths such as the IoT, instrumentation and Jingchuang platform were even more crowded. The three-dimensional interactive multimedia display racks received professional customers from different nationalities and different market segments. check it out.

  In the past 2018, the market for central air-conditioning accessories closely followed the changes in downstream host demand. The sales market was affected by multiple downstream markets, and the parts market gradually returned to rationality. In order to seize the market in 2019 in advance, the accessory companies have brought their new products to the exhibition site. The beautiful booth design and their respective product advantages and brand influence have attracted many exhibitors to consult.

  The reporter learned on the spot: for the refrigeration industry, food storage safety and technology, environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of freon and ammonia charging and increasing the application of CO2 technology, has become the most discussed and exhibited by mainstream manufacturers and experts. The leading brand of compressors, BITZER, exhibited the latest series of CO? compressors, of which 6MPE-40K subcritical CO2 compressors debuted in China. The product is designed to reduce the heat exchange between the suction and exhaust through the isolation design of the high and low pressure chambers, greatly improving the energy efficiency of the compressor. In addition, Panasonic's scroll compressors, CO? twin-rotor compressors and other products were unveiled at the show, presenting the most cutting-edge technology.

  Fengshen self-control is still adhering to the "providing better control component solutions for customers". As a company originating from Shanghai and going to the world, this exhibition is also brilliant.

  Feng Shen Li and marketing team bring their PX pressure controller, differential pressure controller, flow switch, temperature controller, condensing pressure regulating valve (water valve), temperature water quantity regulating valve, solenoid valve, two-way solenoid valve, unloading electromagnetic Valves, thermal expansion valves, two-way thermal expansion valves, combination valves, pilot-operated pressure regulating valves, temperature-responsive expansion valves (spray valves), energy regulating valves (hot gas bypass), and sight glass have all appeared, and promised to help Any type of refrigeration unit performs different demand control.

  On the scene of the Hengsen Industrial booth, the booth was based on the theme of consistent green. According to the site, the company has focused on refrigeration for 30 years and is currently a core supplier to Fortune 500 companies. In this exhibition, the company further enriched the corporate philosophy of “Human Warmth and Cold, Hengsen Care”, further improved customer needs, and displayed “Know Yourself, Know Manufacturing”. Hengsen said: If you understand what you want, you can design the product that best meets the needs of the market. Similarly, only by knowing the manufacturing process can you produce the best products.

  Zhejiang Mingzhen Electronics has always implemented the business philosophy of “standard management, integrity, pursuit of excellence, pragmatic innovation”, with “small but fine, high-end positioning” as the enterprise orientation. At the booth, Mingzheng Electronics booth was still built with the company's Sanmulan, and the company's corporate philosophy of “excellent in mind, work-to-work” was presented to all HVAC colleagues. The China Refrigeration Exhibition, the company's single-inlet volute fan series, new externally-rotating motor, external rotor axial fan, centrifugal fan, duct fan, condenser fan, chiller and other products and the latest research and development of new wind turbines debut . It is worth mentioning that the company's new products have received extensive attention this year, and on-site consulting visits continue.

  Hongli Electric adheres to the corporate vision of “Based on China, Facing the World, Repaying the Society”, attaches importance to product research and development and innovation, introduces automation equipment, and continuously improves the production technology level. The company has been dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of low-voltage components, which are widely used in air-conditioning refrigeration, HVAC, food refrigeration processing, kitchen equipment, intelligent buildings, household appliances, industrial automation and other fields. In recent years, Hongli Electric has participated in the global exhibition, and the Hongli brand has been shaped to further bring China to the world. This time, Hongli Electric appeared in China's largest HVAC industry exhibition, indicating the company's recognition and expectation for the future of the domestic HVAC market.

  Keweili, as a benchmark manufacturer of cold chain manufacturing, this exhibition Keweili brought its own independent research and development to create fine condensing units, fans and other wonderful debuts at the exhibition site, further explaining to the industry the vision of Keweili “Leading Technology, Yangwei Global”. The booth was crowded with people, and its products received great attention from the audience. It is worth mentioning that this exhibition is just the opening of the documentary film of the "Powerfulness" column of Keweili's large-scale CCTV. At the exhibition site, the Keweili booth wall is composed of a momentary video of the documentary video, and a picture shows the quality of Keweili. At the same time, it also shows the great determination of Keweili to go global.

  In recent years, with the improvement of economic capacity, villa terrace houses have become more and more choices for people to improve their quality at home. However, due to various reasons such as housing structure, geographical location, climate factors, washing activities, etc., damp has become a common pain point for villas, especially It is the basement of the villa, and it is the first to bear the brunt. Moisture damages the body and destroys the home decoration, causing double loss of health and property. Dehumidification has become the demand of many villa owners. With 15 years of dehumidification experience, Matsui Electric Co., Ltd. specially developed the Matsui·Central Fresh Air Dehumidification System for villa terrace houses, integrating the three functions of fresh air ventilation, strong dehumidification and anti-mite purification, which perfectly solves the problem of humidity and pollution of indoor air in villa row houses. .

  At the exhibition, Matsui laid out a comprehensive product system for dehumidification, humidification and refrigeration, which is suitable for various environments of enterprises and homes. The Matsui booth gathered a lot of popularity, and the exhibitors stopped to ask about the performance of Matsui products and experienced the on-site product experience. They showed a strong interest. Matsui said: Many customers stopped to talk, talked about humidity control business opportunities, and threw out cooperative olive branches