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  Introduction to medical cold storage

  The medical cold storage mainly stores various kinds of medical products that cannot be preserved under normal temperature conditions. Under the low temperature and cold storage conditions, the medicines are not deteriorated, and the shelf life of the medicines is prolonged. The storage temperature is generally -5 °C to +8 °C. The medical cold storage library body adopts a rigid polyurethane heat-insulating sandwich panel and is formed by a high-pressure foaming process. The double-sided color steel plate adopts advanced eccentric hooks and groove hooks, and the eccentric connection of the library plate realizes between the library board and the library board. The tight connection, excellent sealing, minimizes the leakage of cold air and enhances the insulation effect. The T-plate, wall panel and gusset combination cold storage can be assembled in any space. Scientific design, simple and practical, energy saving and environmental protection

  Cold storage control system

  The refrigeration control system adopts automatic microcomputer electric control technology, intelligent computer temperature control, high-precision temperature sensor; the temperature in the library is freely set within the range of +10 °C~220 °C; automatic temperature constant temperature, automatic switch machine, no manual operation, The digital temperature display ensures that the contents of the library are stored safely.


  Medical cold storage features

  1. The cold storage is equipped with an auxiliary refrigeration unit to ensure that the common unit will not normally affect the normal storage of medicines, vaccines and related products and equipment in the warehouse when it stops working in case of failure;

  2, the machine equipment uses imported parts, select high-quality materials, strict inspection, less factory failure, low noise, energy saving, reliable operation;

  3, the refrigeration control system uses automatic micro-computer electrical control technology, automatic monitoring, recording and regulating the temperature and humidity of the storage area, equipped with a high-precision sensor temperature and humidity recorder and fault alarm device to ensure the drug, vaccine and related equipment in the library

  Normal storage. Medical cold storage engineering technical parameters editing temperature range (°C): vaccine library; 0 °C ~ 8 °C can be used to store vaccines, pharmaceuticals, etc. Drug library: 2 ° C ~ 8 ° C for the storage of pharmaceuticals and biological products. Blood storage: 5 ° C ~ 1 ° C can be used to store blood, pharmaceutical biological products. Low temperature insulation library: -20 ° C ~ -30 ° C preservation of plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents, etc. Cryopreservation library: -30 ° C ~ -80 ° C can be used to preserve placenta, stem cells, plasma, bone marrow, biological samples.


  Library board configuration:

  Cold storage library board size specifications: standardized library board width of 100 mm, height of 2 meters to 10 meters.

  The thickness of the cold storage plate: 60, 75, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200mm; the thickness of the plate is generally 100mm, the double-sided is painted plastic plate, the color steel plate is processed into invisible groove, its weight is light, the strength is high, The heat insulation performance is good, corrosion resistance and anti-aging. The library board is quick and easy to assemble, and it is one of the best materials for selecting the cold storage heat preservation library body; the library board insulation material is integrally formed by light-weight polyurethane foam with heat insulation performance. The double-sided color steel plate adopts advanced eccentric hooks and groove hooks, and the eccentric connection method realizes the tight joint between the library plate and the library plate, and the excellent sealing property minimizes the cold air leakage and enhances the heat insulation effect. The T-plate, wall panel and gusset combination cold storage can be assembled in any space. Simple, practical, energy saving and environmental protection.

  Refrigeration part: cold storage refrigeration equipment: mainly the choice of cold storage compressor and evaporator. Under normal circumstances, the refrigeration unit adopts the imported fully enclosed compressor <France Meiyoule compression condensing unit, or Copeland ZB scroll compressor unit> with the characteristics of high energy efficiency ratio, strong refrigeration capacity, low noise, safety and reliability. Condensing radiator is equipped with high-efficiency wind condenser, low-noise motor with external rotor, which can effectively dissipate heat, maintain high pressure in normal temperature under extreme high temperature environment, make refrigeration unit play high efficiency, and save energy in environmentally friendly cold storage. DL ceiling cooling fan, low noise, large cooling capacity, automatic frost. 


  Electronic control part:

  The function of automatic switching of the double control circuit outside the library is usually referred to as (conventional power supply and standby power supply); the characteristic has the function of controlling the automatic switching of the main compressor and the secondary compressor, the digital display temperature inside the library, and automatic monitoring. Control, display, and temperature alarms for upper and lower limits. Record the temperature and use the most advanced temperature and humidity recorder.

  It can be equipped with ultra-low temperature mobile phone SMS automatic alarm system for special users, and the whole process can be unattended.