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  The explosion-proof refrigerator requires strict, fine and safe design. The explosion-proof mark explosion-proof type + equipment category + (gas group) + temperature group can be directly used in dangerous places with explosive gas for storage and transportation of dangerous goods. Explosion-proof cold storage is mainly used in chemical, electronic, flavor, fragrance, alcohol, ethanol and other inflammable and explosive products.


  Features of the explosion-proof refrigerator:

  Explosion-proof cold storage adopts leading multi-functional micro-electronic integrated explosion-proof device and optimizes explosion-proof technology; and adopts anti-light isolation micro-watt-level intrinsic safety control circuit, multiple safety protection technology, standardization and other technologies and technologies leading imported compressors, so the explosion-proof cold storage Has the following characteristics:

  1. Explosion-proof performance is good, and the price is low: the explosion-proof cold storage adopts the leading integrated explosion-proof technology, so that the volume and weight of the explosion-proof system are only a few tenths of the traditional explosion-proof technology. The micro-watt level all-optical isolation intrinsically safe control circuit is safer than traditional technology, and the system price is low.

  2. Reliable: The explosion-proof cold storage is composed of multiple sets of independent explosion-proof units. The refrigeration system adopts the internationally advanced imported compressor and cooling method, so it is reliable and maintainable.

  3. Good safety: The explosion-proof cold storage adopts multi-layer detection and protection technology of pressure and temperature to limit the maximum surface temperature: it can stop the protection when the abnormal working condition and the airtight explosion-proof structure leak. At the same time, it adopts safety technology such as anti-fire ground, so the safety performance is good, and the user can also install the upper and lower temperature alarm devices.

  4. Flexible configuration: Users can flexibly select the volume, number of units, installation methods and auxiliary devices according to requirements, with strong applicability, easy disassembly, movement, expansion and so on. 


  Explosion-proof cold storage design:

  1. The first step in the design of the explosion-proof cold storage is to consider the site selection requirements of the explosion-proof cold storage. The installation of the explosion-proof cold storage should be far away from the densely populated areas. The selected installation floor should be neat, in addition to the local soil conditions and soil hardness. Check to see if it is suitable for the new explosion-proof cold storage. The horizontal position of the explosion-proof cold storage is slightly lower than the ground level, so that even if an accident occurs, it will not affect the surrounding environment.

  2, the second explosion-proof cold storage installation team must be on the explosion-proof cold storage, there are many installation experience in this area, all the explosion-proof installation details should be treated with caution, Kuhua has a professional explosion-proof cold storage installation team, many years of explosion-proof cold storage Installation experience also allowed us to develop a professional explosion-proof cold storage refrigeration solution.

  3. Special training for the management personnel of the explosion-proof cold storage. It is important to pay attention to the safety of the explosion-proof cold storage. Which equipments he can operate and which equipments are not able to operate casually, because in the event of operational errors, light The cold storage can not be used normally, but the cold storage accident occurs, so the management of explosion-proof cold storage must be treated with caution.

  If you want to build or more detailed understanding of the explosion-proof cold storage, it is recommended to consult the professionals of Ice Chuang Refrigeration, we will give you a comprehensive answer for the first time, hotline: 400-6878-793