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Red wine

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  Red wine cold storage

  The wine cold storage is used to store the special cold storage of red wine. The temperature must be controlled at a constant temperature between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius, and the humidity should be between 65% and 80%. Keep the darkness. Generally, the wine is stored in the basement cold storage to prevent other odors from penetrating into the wine.


  Red wine should be refrigerated:

  1. The temperature win is maintained at 60%~70%. If the temperature is too high, the low humidity will cause the cork to shrink, causing the air to enter the bottle and oxidize the wine.

  2. Ordinary red wine should be stored in an environment of about 13 °C, and the storage temperature of high-quality red wine is between 6 °C and 18 °C. Keeping temperature stable is the key to storing red wine. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will only affect the speed of wine growth. The greenhouse is not constant and the change is the most deadly damage of red wine. Therefore, the constant temperature and humidity wine warehouse is the choice, and it is used in the selection of machines to avoid An accident happened;

  3. When storing red wine for a long time, take care to avoid light, avoid frequent shaking of red wine, and horizontal storage is the way to store red wine.


  Cold storage of red wine built by Kuhua Refrigeration:

  Red wine size requirements 4 (length) * 3.4 (width) * 2.5 (height), the library is divided into two storage units for frozen storage and refrigerated storage, the size of the freezer (unit: m) is required to be 4 (long) * 1.5 (wide) ) *2.5 (high), the size of the refrigerating compartment (unit: m) is required to be 4 (length) * 1.6 (width) * 2.5 (height); the freezer compartment cooling temperature is required to be -18 ° C (temperature difference range ± 2 ° C), refrigerated The room temperature is required to be within 0~10 °C, and can be adjusted in 4 grades.

  The cost of designing and constructing a constant temperature and humidity refrigerated refrigerator will fluctuate depending on the size of the cold storage, the temperature, and the storage of the goods. If you want to know the specific quotation of a cold storage, please provide us with the specific requirements, size, temperature and other conditions of the cold storage you want to build, we will provide you with the quotation in the first time.