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  Air-conditioned refrigerator

  The air-conditioned refrigerator is a modern preservation technology developed on the basis of traditional refrigeration and preservation. It is considered to be the best storage method for storing fruits today.

  The commercial atmosphere library has a history of more than 60 years in foreign countries. The long-term storage of fruit in developed countries is mostly stored in atmosphere.

  China's controlled atmosphere storage began in the 1970s. After 30 years of introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and equipment, coupled with the continuous research and exploration of Chinese researchers, the modified atmosphere storage technology has developed rapidly. It has the ability to design and build various air conditioning and air conditioning equipment. The proportion of fruit-to-air storage in China is still low, and its market prospects are very broad.


  1. Knowledge of modified atmosphere storage

  (1) Characteristics of the atmosphere library

  The atmosphere storage is based on the characteristics of the fruit, according to the characteristics of the fruit variety, artificially control the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration (partial pressure) in the relatively closed warehouse, the atmosphere storage in the building structure and use management and high temperature Cold storage is very different.

  Mainly manifested in:

  (a) Airtightness: The architectural requirements of the airtightness warehouse are distinguished from one of the main features of the refrigerator. The air-conditioning warehouse requires that the enclosure structure be insulated, moisture-proof, and reduce the exchange of heat and cold with the outside world. It also requires strict sealing around the wall of the warehouse, the door of the warehouse and all the inlet and outlet pipelines, and minimize the gas exchange inside and outside the warehouse. . Only in this way can we think that the gas composition in the reservoir can be adjusted to reduce or avoid the interference of external gases on the gas components in the reservoir.

  (b) Safety: Since the air-conditioning warehouse has strict requirements on the airtightness of the maintenance structure, in the process of cooling and naughty, as the temperature and pressure in the warehouse change, a pressure difference will be generated on both sides of the maintenance structure. It will destroy the inner liner and even cause the enclosure to swell or collapse. In order to balance and reduce the pressure difference within the reservoir without affecting the gas composition in the reservoir as much as possible, the air conditioning warehouse must be equipped with safety valves, air conditioning bags and other adjustment devices.

  (c), fast forward and out: the shorter the time from picking to entering the state of the gas, the better, otherwise it will affect the storage effect. Therefore, the storage of the atmosphere storage library requires that the fruit storage speed is fast, so as to fill, seal and nudge the skin as soon as possible. During the storage process, the number of door opening is reduced as much as possible. Frequent opening of the door not only affects the storage effect, increases the operating cost, but also reduces the airtightness of the door. When the fruit is out of the warehouse, in order to ensure the shelf life of the fruit, it is best to finish it once or in a short period of time.

  (d) Full storage: Except for the necessary ventilation and inspection channels, the fruits in the storage should be piled up as high as possible (under reasonable stacking). On the one hand, because the more fruits in the library, the less pores in the library, and the fact that the fruit breath consumes oxygen, the shorter the time for the fruit to enter the gas-conditioning state; on the other hand, the larger the reservoir volume utilization coefficient, the refrigeration, the skinning operation cost Can be reduced.